Posted on September 25, 2008 Posted in Deal of the Day

1.) The Main St. foot traffic – come on – it’s fun to people watch
2.) The music – mainly – stations vary
3.) Good customers – people are fun to talk to while you fix up their stuff.
4.) Quality movies on the projector
5.) The food on Main St. – (Fat Larry’s Steaks mainly – they are the best – for real…)
6.) No problem is ever really too large to overcome – just expensive.
7.) HD Cable when really bored.
8.) Late night drunk VCU kids walking by when working late.
9.) Seeing the guts of every type of computer imaginable is pretty fun.
10.) Good work in good time = good prices for customer and business!  Keep it comin’ Richmond!

Remember – ALB Tech repairs all computers – PC/ Mac/ Linux – desktop, laptop, tablet, umpc, etc…

Come get your busted machine fix and smile like ALB.