How Do You Like Your Eggs? - Thursday April 12th
Posted on April 12, 2018 Posted in Deal of the Day

Today is Thursday April 12th 2018 and ALB Tech will be open from 11am to 7pm. The deal of the day today is the How Do You Like Your Eggs Discount? Eggs are marvels of nature that when prepared properly can be delicious. There are many ways to prepare eggs so we wonder which way is your favorite. Hard boiled is a classic. Scrambled eggs might be your favorite. Over easy or sunny side up could be your way. Omelets are your fav? Maybe you’re fancy and enjoy a frittata. Poached? 1 minute egg? Perhaps brunch on Sunday is simply not the same without your Eggs Benedict. These are just a few folks – there are so many more you can choose from. So please try to make a decision. How do you like your eggs? Tell us today at ALB Tech in the Fan and save money on PC and Mac repair services today! How much money will you save? 18% off your service repair total to be exact. Come into the shop and while there tell us how you like your eggs. This lets us know that a.) you read this post and b.) you earned today’s deal of the day discount. Even if you don’t like eggs, share that piece of information with us and we’ll give you the discount. We’re here for eight hours today so there is 3/4 dozen hours for your to stop by, get fixed, talk eggs, and save money! Thanks for taking the time to read through this and we look forward to fixing your stuff and having egg talk soon!

Today is Thursday April 12th 2018 and ALB Tech will be open from 11am to 7pm. Yes – 7pm, it’s a Thursday!

Talk eggs and save money here:

ALB Tech  – The Fan | 1208 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23220 | (804) 355-2491