Posted on September 4, 2010 Posted in Deal of the Day

Today is Saturday September 4th and ALB Tech will be open and
operating from 12 to 4pm. That’s a shor window we know – but we’re
trying to get as much accomplished as possible. So we’re offering a
LABOR DAY Discount – early that is. Come in the shop today, Satuday,
before 3pm, again, before 3pm, and you will recieve an additional 6% off
your total. Why 6% and why before 3pm? Well, we close @ 4pm so it
doesn’t give us a break unless it’s before 3 o clock, and 6% because
Labor Day is the 6th of September. Okay okay – enough. Time to start
fixing computers… see you soon!

Today (Saturday) ALB Tech will open from 12 to 4pm!