Posted on April 2, 2010 Posted in Deal of the Day

Hey there everyone – today is Friday April 2nd and I just wanted to share a little bit of good news with everyone – we have now reached number 1 on the charts… haha… sorta.

Here’s what went down. Normally, ALB googles key phrases to push SEO on those terms that need the most help. The main one he has been working on is “computer repair richmond va” – a touch nut to crack considering just how many shops there are. Also – the goal is to spend $0 on online marketing or directory listings or paid link sharing, we only want to stay with the Bluehat Marketing services.

This morning we did our search – and found that ALB Tech was #1 in local (next to map) as well as #1 in the organic results – below map.

Here is a photo. Woo hoo.
Computer Repair Richmond VA Google Search
Thanks for reading – I was excited.