Week of June 6th - Do You Like Licorice?
Posted on June 6, 2016 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of June 6th 2016, ALB Tech is offering an interesting flavored 17% discount off your total service just for sharing with us your opinion on licorice. Yes. We are referring to the flavor often found in purple and black candies. It’s somewhat hard to describe. Licorice lovers are split – some love it and some despise. Either way – share your licorice likes or dislikes with us all week long at ALB Tech. Doing so lets us know that you a.) read this post and b.) you would like the 17% deal of the week discount applied to your service total. Well – you read this post, right? Talked about licorice in one of the ALB Tech repair shops, right? Excellent. That’s all it takes to save money with us all week long. Licorice talk for savings on PC and Mac repair this week. If you scheduling an on-site service with us at ALB Tech this week, we will apply this deal of the week discount if you talk about licorice either while we are on-site or when you call to schedule. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you sometime this week – any day Monday through Saturday!

Remember we have two locations – one in the Fan at 1208 W. Main St – next door to Papa Johns Pizza – and one in Mechanicsville at 8150 Mechanicsville Turnpike – close to the Windmill Bank.

Easy enough… see you soon Richmond & Mechanicsville!

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