Favorite Candy Discount - Week of February 25th
Posted on February 25, 2013 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week – the week of February 25th 2013, ALB Tech will be offering a fun deal of the week. It’s the Favorite Candy Discount – and it is as simple as it sounds. Come in the shop this week for free diagnostics, repair, or pickup, and mention that you read this post and tell us your favorite candy. We don’t particularly care what the answer is. We certainly won’t judge. We just want to hear that you’ve read this post and put a minimal amount of thought into your answer. You could say something like, “I read the deal of the week post and my favorite is Sour Patch Kids.” Boom. We’d apply the discount. It’s a good one too. 15% off your total service just for participating. Fun times abound. See you soon broken computers and candy fiends of RVA!

This week only.