Week of July 31st - Do You Like Pickles Discount
Posted on July 31, 2017 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of July 31st 2017, ALB Tech is offering a spicy 18% discount off your total service just for sharing with us your opinion on pickles. Yes. We do mean brine/vinegar preserved cucumbers. No we don’t mind what kind of cucumber or how it was pickled. All we want to know about today is whether you like them or not. There are so many methods and flavors of pickles out there so we believe it possible you might like them. Or not. Either way – share your pickle preference with us all week long at ALB Tech. Doing so lets us know that you a.) read this post and b.) you would like the 18% deal of the week discount  applied to your service total. Well – you read this post, right? Talked about pickles at ALB Tech this week, right? Excellent. That’s all it takes to save money any day this week. Pickle talk for savings on PC and Mac repair every day this fine week in July/August. Share your pickle preferences. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you sometime this week!

Be prepared with your pickle answer and you will save money on PC and Mac computer repair this week at ALB Tech. This week only though – the week of July 30th 2017.

Talk pickles any day this week to save money on services!

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