Week of June 12th - The Macarena Discount
Posted on June 12, 2017 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of June 12th 2017, we are offering a super fun repair discount. It’s definitely wedding season 2017 folks – people getting married all over the place. We’ve all attended or been invited to a handful already this summer and it’s just getting started. As an homage to wedding season, we’re going to do the Macarena Discount all week long.

You remember the Macarena, don’t you? The year was 1996 and the hands out step by step dance was a party phenomenon. We here at ALB Tech remember many many a Macarena being done. That’s why we are sure you do as well. Since you darn well know what it is and have probably done it at a wedding recently, we want you to come into the shop today and do the dance! Yes – Macarena your way into computer repair savings today. Once you have done your rendition of the Macarena here in the shop, we will most certainly apply the cool 18% discount to your service total. Heyyyyyy Macarena. Whether your MacBook Pro screen is destroyed, computer won’t start, or anything in between, we can help and today you can save money by doing a little shimmy and shaking from the 90s. Any day this week folks. Macarena + computer repair = magic.

If somehow you totally forgot the 90s or haven’t been to a wedding recently, here is the original Macarena by Los Del Rio in 1996.

AAAAAAAIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHTTT! Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to fixing your broken and busted computers!

Ok people – get ready to Macarena your way into savings! This week only though – the week of June 12th 2017.

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