Week of June 25th - Secret Phrase Discount
Posted on June 25, 2018 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of June 25th 2018, ALB Tech is offering a sneaky 17% discount off your total service just for participating. The deal of the week discount on this final week in June is The Secret Phrase Discount. How do you earn this discount? Simple… Come into the shop for free diagnostics or repair and then repeat that phrase (see below) here at the shop. There’s nothing important about this secret phrase other than the fact that it’s found at the bottom of the post and can only found there. Any day this week, Monday through Saturday, slide by the shop and repeat the secret phrase. Doing so earns you 17% off your repair service total. We’ll be in the shop regular hours all week long so stop by, get checked out, say the secret phrase, get fixed, and save money. Thanks for taking the time to read this whole thing and be sure to practice the secret phrase below. You must say it aloud like a spy / secret agent at the shop today to save money.

The Secret Phrase is, “The first pancake burnt. #2 is on the griddle.”

There is it. Practice. Repeat in the shop. Save money. This week only though – the week of June 25th 2018.

This message will self destruct in t minus 30 seconds (just kidding).

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