Week of December 4th - Do You Like Eggnog?
Posted on December 4, 2017 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of December 4th 2017, ALB Tech is offering an smooth and slightly creamy 17% discount off your total service just for sharing with us your opinion on Eggnog. Yes. We are referring to creamy beverage made with milk, cream, eggs, and more… It’s a unique flavor thats for sure… You know what we are referring to, right? The stuff you are offered every year starting around December…  The question today is do you like Eggnog? We are not interested in knowing if you like some eggnog not all, we just want to know in general, do you like it (at all)? Some people love it. Others despise it. Where do you stand? Do you like eggnog? Share this information with us any day this week and save money on any in store PC repair service, Mac repair service, or random IT support service. We’re here regular hours all week long – plenty of time to stop by and share your milk preferences with us.

Ok people – prepare yourself to talk about eggnog. This week only though – the week of December 4th 2017.

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