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We design and manage networks for your business.

After over 10 years in business offering networking solutions to small to medium sized business in Richmond and surround areas, ALB Tech has extensive experience. We are cable to evaluate your network needs, make recommendations for necessary equipment to fulfill your requirements, help in various ways with equipment procurement, deploy equipment, and manage your entire business network. We’ve come a long way in networks for small businesses – often times we can offer best application monitoring software tools, remote monitoring and management. It is a must for you to add helpdesk application for your business also, view and compare freshdesk vs zendesk.

Customized Networks and Services

Secure Networking: Having a “secure” network may seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. A properly secured network utilizes a variety of hardware of software to block inappropriate traffic and allow and necessary traffic. That can mean anything from deploying a network firewall to prevent outside attack to configuring separate and secure wireless networks for business guests. Although those are just two strait forward examples of network security, they are often standard practice. For more advanced network security there are endless options for allowing or blocking access to certain networks, network resources, websites/ services, and more…

Secure Networking Services

VPN: Another common security measure or necessity is a secure point to point traffic tunnel – called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). We can help you create this tunnel with a combination of hardware and software to ensure we can deliver the most efficient and secure connection for your business, of course.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

VLANs: When setting up your network, we segregate traffic on your network based on users and usage. This is usually done using VLANs (Virtual LANs [local area networks]) through a router, switch(s), and access points. Creating VLANs to separate certain network traffic is one way we are able to secure various network resources like printers, computers, and servers. A great (and simple) example of this is having a wireless network that guests can use to access the internet but not network resources like company shares, for example.

VLAN - Network Security - ALB Tech

VOIP Networking: If you are still paying for copper phone lines, you are probably paying too much. Voice over IP telephone services are now affordable, simple to deploy and scale, easy to manage, and have few network requirements. The few network requires VOIP has, however, are important. It requires a clean, orderly network. By employing VLANs and QoS rules, we can help prioritize traffic on your network to help ensure the highest quality Voice over IP services.

VOIP Networking Services at ALB Tech

Wireless Networking: More and more devices with wireless capability are being developed, sold, and added to networks around the world. All of these tools, toys, and other are fantastic, but they are only as good as the network you use them on. In order to provide to most robust wireless network experience, ALB Tech proudly deploys Ubiquiti wireless networking equipment. Ubiquiti equipment is pretty darn excellent folks – expect good things. When installed and configured properly, we can cover just about any desired area with a phenomenal wireless signal. Ask and ye’ shall receive folks.

Wireless Networking by ALB Tech

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