Computer Destruction - Sledgehammer Meets Apple eMac
Posted on August 19, 2014 Posted in News

After setting a Dell on fire the other day, we contemplated other ways to destroy an old computer.  After wild ideas like using a car to run them over, dropping them off of a roof, power tools, napalm, etc. we figured it was time to go back to basics.   A sixteen pound sledgehammer is perfect for smashing things, plain and simple.

Today’s victim was an Apple eMac.  These short-lived educational-use behemoths were plagued with video chipset issues, and this one is no exception.  No amount of IT support could bring this back, it needed a whole new logic board.  Of course, even in that case it’s held back by a wimpy 1 GHZ PowerPC processor and a paltry 128 megs of RAM. Woof.  It’s HAMMER TIME! Check out the video…

Adiós eMac.