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Because knowing is half the battle…

Free Diagnostics for all computers. Mac Laptops, Mac Desktops, PC Laptops, PC Desktops, various tablets, networking devices, tons of software issues, and more…

Early business advice was to give as much away for free as possible. Well – diagnostics often are a lot of work for us; however, we’d prefer to give you accurate information about your system. That’s exactly why we always offer free diagnostics whether or not you choose to repair!

    • Broken/Not working PC/Mac diagnostics
    • Computer booting diagnostics
    • Computer networking diagnostics
    • Broken screen laptop diagnostics
    • Overheating and fan issue diagnostics
    • Random shutdown computer diagnostics
    • Virus/ malware diagnostics
    • Software issue diagnostics

The diagnostic services listed above, and every other diagnostic we do here at ALB Tech is free! Stop by either location and get checked out today!

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