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What is iConsulting?

Simple and strait-forward recommendations to help you get the right tech stuff; then helping you get that stuff configured appropriately.

There are so many choices out there – it’s pretty difficult to decide what’s right for you. Here at ALB Tech we love talking tech. We can give you advice for your home or business – whatever your tech needs may be.

    • iDevice Consulting – iPhone, iPad, etc.
    • Resolve Syncing Issues
    • Google Gmail Integration
    • Photo Stream
    • App Store Consulting
    • Apple Pay/ Square
    • iCloud Integration
    • Cracked iPhone Repairs
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • PC or Mac Computer Consulting
    • File Storage Consulting
    • Data Backup and Restore
    • Factory Settings Restore
    • Lost Text, Photo, and Contact Recovery
    • Network Consulting
    • Media Sharing/ Streaming Consulting
    • Various other services as well…

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