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With high speed internet access, we can support your network, computers, and devices remotely. Many IT issues can be addressed and resolved promptly and affordably using our remote support platform by Bomgar.

    • Attended session remote support – Begin a remote session with ALB Tech using various methods, submit a ticket, request a session, get in queue, input a session key, receive a link via email, etc…
    • Un-attended session remote support (Jump Client) – After an attended session starts, we can “pin” a jump client to the machine. This allows us to “jump in” to that machine whenever necessary – for updates, configuration, problem resolution, etc…
    • File transfer to/from remote machine – we can send files over our remote connection for various purposes like software installation, diagnostics, licensing, and much more.
    • Open chat session with technician – communication with the end user during our remote session is often crucial and the chat window lets us do so simply and conveniently.
    • Remote network troubleshooting, configuration, repair – since we’re on your network, we can access your routers, switches, APs, and security devices to configure and troubleshoot them.
    • Remote registry & command line access – lets us repair your computer remotely with administrative functionality.

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