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Viruses can be devastating

There are two main types of infections on Windows computers – the non-invasive regular removal kind and the bad-works-its-way-into-Windows kind.

The non-invasive sort we can remove usually within 1 to three hours. An easy in and out type of service – piece of cake. This non-invasive sort of infection has now started popping up on Apple computers. Yes yes we know Mac’s are known for not getting viruses. They still technically don’t – it’s more like malware or crapware – driving browser redirects and clogging your screen with advertisements. We can totally remove these as well. Sorry Apple folks – it’s coming around finally. Not to worry though.

The other, more frustrating type of infections, however, often attach themselves to important Windows operating system files. When we attempt to remove the infected files, it takes with it the important (and needed) Windows files. this often causes the operating system to crash or leaves you with “swiss cheese Windows”.

What is swiss cheese windows?
Well it usually involves restricted functionality, slow performance, general odd behavior, and much more… Definitely not ideal, even though virus free. So, what do we do?

We understand that your data is what’s most important – so we have a stress free solution!

The procedure starts with a complete back-up your data. We then wipe the hard drive – reinstall the operating system – reload drivers- reload software – update the operating system – optimize system start-up – reload your data – and voila! Your computer is almost exactly as is was before the infection – and – no data loss!

Call or come by today and we’ll have your virus laden computer clean as a whistle in no time!

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