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Adam Lloyd Bell - Owner - ALB Tech

Adam Lloyd Bell

ALB (Adam Lloyd Bell) is the namesake and founder of ALB Tech. As the owner he is quite busy doing a wide variety of business and IT tasks. He definitely fixes all kinds of stuff around ALB Tech – desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, problems with hardware and software alike, etc… He answers phones, goes on-site for customers (both to homes and businesses), rings people up, buys stuff, cleans the shop, builds websites, designs graphics, updates blogs, manages social networking, constant SEO tasks, and much more. ALB stays busy. Networking is his forte as of late and it shows. He has designed and implemented tons of small/ medium business networks as well as a variety of homes. Need a custom, secure, and high performance network with full wireless coverage? That’s what ALB does.

Adam Lloyd Bell is the owner and operator of ALB Tech. You may know him, however, as a human being, a male, a son, a brother, a father (to dogs), a friend, a college graduate, a computer geek, a web and graphic designer, a home media enthusiast, a musician, a reader, a writer, a joker, and much more. ALB graduated from VCU in the Spring of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Minor in Spanish. Although residing in Richmond for over 14 years, ALB was born and raised in Williamsburg, Newport News, and Yorktown, VA. Since 2005 Adam has lived and loved in the Church Hill neighborhood of good ol’ Richmond, VA.

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