Security Solutions by Avast! real world threats. real world security.

Security Solutions by Avast!

Computer protection beyond the essentials.

When you get a PC, the first thing you should do is install a free antivirus. That’s a no-brainer. But what if you want to take your security further?

Avast Security Solutions

Security for your Home or Business Computers.

Why Avast?


230 million strong

There are more than 230 million people using Avast worldwide – helping make their products stronger with their constant feedback.

Constantly up-to-date

Avast does not slow your computer down with big updates; instead, a continual stream of automatic micro updates keeps your protection current.

Intelligent antivirus

Avast’s incredibly powerful antivirus engine detects all kinds of nasty threats, from viruses to malware. Yes, even spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Since there are over 230+ million Avast installs with users providing virus feedback, new updates are constantly rolled out keeping you safe.

Secure DNS

Protect yourself against DNS hijacking. DNS hijacking redirects you from the site you want to visit, to one that looks just like it. Why? So hackers can steal your login info. Secure DNS ensures the site you’re visiting is real.


Pay and bank safely, without anyone seeing your details. SafeZone creates a protective space that hackers – and anyone else – can’t access. The browser automatically opens banking sites in Pay mode. Pay mode isolates the session and protects it from keyloggers and other potential malware or spyware. In Pay mode you can be sure that your financial transactions are safe and your activities are not being tracked.


Run unknown programs with confidence. Sandbox lets your run apps, download files, and visit websites in a secure virtual environment isolated from the rest of your computer.

Consumer Products

  • Avast Free for Mac / PC
  • Avast Pro
  • Avast Internet Security
  • Avast Premier

Business Products

  • Avast Endpoint Protection
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Plus
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

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