Closed for Columbus Day - Monday October 8th at ALB Tech
Posted on October 8, 2012 Posted in Deal of the Day, News

Today is Monday October 8th and ALB Tech will be CLOSED!

First and foremost we’d like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused our customers. That being said – there are a number of reasons why we are closed today. 1.) Today is a Columbus Day – a national holiday. We know it seems that only the post office is closed today and it’s not that important of a holiday. Yea well – we’re observing it here today! 2.) We did a bunch of renovations at ALB Tech over the weekend – inside and out. We finished a second coat of oil based paint on our work bench yesterday and the fumes are still quite powerful. This makes it difficult to work in as well as for customers to bear. When we arrived at the shop early this morning, the smell was overwhelming – and we had to make the decision for our health and our customers. 3.) There are a few small renovation projects that we will finish inside the shop today as well. 4.) Lastly – tomorrow is ALB’s 28th Birthday – and unfortunately he is booked solid with shop time and on-site repair services. Although ALB will be finishing the small renovation projects at the shop and doing a bunch of website work today, we’ll consider it “time off” for his birthday. It’s  a good thing he likes this job 🙂 A long explanation for a simple thing – we are closed today – Monday October 8th. We will be offering discounts for any customer who attempted to come by the shop today – so just mention that you did so! Once again – we apologize for any inconvenience and we’ll see you tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11am!

Today is Monday October 8th and ALB Tech will be CLOSED. Yes – it’s a Monday and we’re closed in observance of Columbus Day!