Posted on September 10, 2008 Posted in Deal of the Day

Got a broken laptop? Desktop? Server? Frankenstein? Bring ’em on down!!! Here @ ALB Tech we fix em’ all!

That goes for operating systems as well. We’re well versed in Windows 95 through Vista, Mac OS X Panther to Leopard, and many flavors of linux.  We are indeed a computer shop and we fix all sorts – not one or the other…

So other than the fact that we are the coolest shop around, why would you bring your computer to ALB Tech over another?  PRICE!! We can’t be beat.  Name a computer store or company and we’ll show you lower prices.  That goes for any one of our services – but especially repair.

What’s cheap you say?  Take a gander at our Deal of the Week Blog and you’ll get a feel for things…

Anyways – if you are reading this your computer is probably not broken – but it will be at some point and I’ll be there for ya!

See you soon my captive audience!!!

ALB Tech
Computer Repair in Richmond Virginia