Favorite Hiccup Remedy Discount - Friday July 17th
Posted on July 17, 2015 Posted in Deal of the Day

Today is Friday July 17th and ALB Tech will be open at both locations from from 11am to 5pm. The deal of the day today applies to everyone – it’s the Favorite Hiccup Remedy Discount. There are so many different folk remedies for getting rid of hiccups. There’s a possibility your grandmother showed you a technique when you were young. Your friends all get rid of them the same way so you started doing it that way too. The internet might have taught you a method of ridding yourself of the super annoying spasms of the diaphragm. Various breathing patterns, body positions, elements of shock, drinking liquids, eating things, and many more all have been said to help with hiccup’s stern grip.

Reader’s Digest spews 9 ingestible hiccup remedy options here. Take a gander – maybe there’s a new one you’d like to try!

So – what is your favorite way to get rid of hiccups? Tell us today at ALB Tech and save 18% off your service total – whether it is for computer repair, iPhone repair, or even on-site service. You read correctly folks. 18% off your service total just by telling us how you rid yourself of hiccups. We will be in both Richmond and Mechanicsville today for a cool six hours beating the heat (and hiccups, maybe) while fixing computers and iPhones. Stop by to get your broken stuff fixed. While there talk about hiccup remedy stuff. That will let us know you read this post, are cool, and get today’s rad deal of the day discount applied to your invoice. Yep – getting rid of hiccups and computer problems on a Friday. Have a good Friday all – we hope to see you soon!

Today is Friday July 17th and ALB Tech will be open at both locations from from 11am to 5pm. Yes – 5pm, it’s a Friday!

In case you missed it elsewhere – we have TWO locations:

ALB Tech  – The Fan – 1208 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23220 | (804) 355-2491

ALB Tech – Mechanicsville – 8150 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | (804) 248-0094