Posted on September 10, 2008 Posted in Deal of the Day

From my experience as a computer technician – these are ten things one should avoid doing.

One should not:

1.) Drop it.
2.) Spill liquid on it.
3.) Hazily stumble and fall on it.
4.) Somehow manage to install AV2009 (or 8, 7 etc..) or other virus.
5.) Yank out USB cables.
6.) Press keys and buttons so hard they break.
7.) Use Mcafee or Norton products.
8.) Install/uninstall drivers unless you have published instructions
9.) Use pillows on your lap because its too hot…
10.) Plug/unplug laptop power so thoughtlessly you break the jack…

So… these things happen… trust me… I know!  That shouldn’t undermine the their importance, however.  Basically just don’t do 1-10 and you’ll at least be better off than before…

how are those gems stickin’ with ya?