Posted on July 3, 2009 Posted in Deal of the Day

Art Opening at the Gallery @ ALB Tech this Friday night from 7-10pm! Featuring the art of Michael Barrington Palmer and Maurice Hamilton Glass. There will be free food and drink – come one come all!

The Gallery @ ALB Tech
1208 W. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 355-2491

About Michael Barrington Palmer

Michael Barrington Palmer, or Barry for short, has been painting for as long as he can remember. He was trained at a young age to use bright colors and tropical themes and those two characteristics are still very evident today. He has been educated at both Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He sold his first painting at the age of 9. He has had numerous gallery openings in Ithaca, Syracuse, and Binghamton New York, and is delighted to now be in Richmond, Virginia.
The latest opening will feature acrylic paintings on canvas with a cartoon-ish view of fish and aquatic plants. Simple in color and sharp in lines, these paintings are easy to enjoy on many levels.

About Maurice Hamilton Glass

Hamilton Glass, a young Architect with a passion for Art. As an inner city child with an interest in art, I took closely to the graffiti scene. The free hand expression was much less about realism and more about composition and language. It was something about the quick and dirty version of graffiti that kept my interest. My work with graffiti developed into an exploration of several different avenues of, which thus reflect my work.
My body of work is influenced by Graffiti’s colorful expressions and free styled language. Motivation comes from the vibrant colors and street scenes, as my work shows real feelings, memories, and inspirational idols. Just as in any street scene, backgrounds are just as important as any focal person or item. My collections are usually great example of this, as this is what usually makes them distinctive from the next. The two mediums I favor are acrylic and spray pain along with the ink and markers.