Week of December 3rd - The Final Deal Of The Week Discount
Posted on December 6, 2018 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of December 3rd 2018, will be the last week the ALB Tech computer repair shop will be open for business.

Our final day of operation in the shop will be Saturday December 8th which is our 11 year anniversary.

It’s big news folks.
ALB Tech is being acquired by SkyWire – A Gigabit Internet Service Provider. 

SkyWire provides crazy fast, incredibly low latency internet service to MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units [apartment buildings]) and businesses throughout the state. For almost 2 years now, I (me – Adam, the owner and founder of ALB Tech) have served as the Director of Business Development for SkyWire. During this time, SkyWire has well over doubled in size – both in subscribers as well as employee count. A handful of ALB Tech customers are now being provided internet service by SkyWire and have experienced the difference – it’s fast. By integrating the ALB Tech on-site IT support and management team into SkyWire, I’m now able to offer a host of new services to new and existing clients.

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your ISP and IT company be one and the same? No more calling your IT guy who then tells you to call Comcast/Verizon for help… If a problem arises, reach out to SkyWire and we’ve got advanced network and IT support technicians available to help!

The Shop

Although 1208 W. Main Street will no longer be the home to ALB Tech and function as a break-fix computer repair shop, the building will stay in the family. SkyWire will be taking over the building so stay tuned – new things to come.

The Staff

All of the ALB Tech employees will join the SkyWire team. Great opportunities await for Matt, Cindy, Patrick, and Ian who will all soon be network ninjas in addition to kick butt repair techs.

The Transition

All ALB Tech on-site business / residential customers will continue to receive the same great service with the addition of a variety of new resources. The transition for ALB Tech on-site customers will be seamless – the main difference will be the shirts worn by our staff and the logo on the invoices. In-store customers please do your best to pick up your machine that’s been hanging out at the shop. We will be calling and emailing you this week as a reminder.

A Thank You

ALB Tech has been the best part of my life for many years. I opened the shop for business after a month of rapid painting and putting things together on December 8th 2007. Since then to date we’ve typed and posted 2497 deal of the day discounts, 435 deal of the week discounts, and 94 news posts (I wasn’t very good at the news). Do the math and you’ll see that we certainly missed a few DoD and DotW but all in all thats a heck of a lot of posts – we tried! Throughout the years an excess of 70,000 computers have made their way into and out of ALB Tech on Main Street. As a youth I never saw myself taking this path but looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m humbled at the impact my small business had on the Richmond community throughout the years – it has been wonderful. Thank you ALB Tech customers from the bottom of my heart. You made this whole thing possible. Thank you Richmond – <3, duh. Thank you VCU, my alma matter – those kids kept breaking their computers and for that – we thank you endlessly. Thanks Tara. Thanks Emily. Thanks Jamie. Thanks Kevin. Thanks Bobby. Thanks Mikes. Thanks Rubin. Thanks Cindy. Thanks Patrick. Thanks Ian. Thanks Matt. Thanks to all the interns we hosted throughout the years. Thanks Chris. Thank you Corey. Thanks Thomas, Karl, and Smitty. Thanks to HAM! Thanks to the dudes who’ve been playing music upstairs for 10 years. Thanks mom & dad (of course). Thanks to every single person who contributed to what I consider to be the great success ALB Tech has been for 11 years. Lastly, thanks to Scott and SkyWire for allowing myself, the ALB Tech crew, and the awesome Main St. shop location to join the SkyWire team – great things to come.

The Final Deal

This will be the 436th and final Deal of the Week discount so it’s a good one. This week you can earn the Final Deal of the Week Discount. All week long we will be finishing up remaining repairs as well as taking on new repairs that don’t require part ordering / wait times. Don’t forget, we often repair computers with same or next day turn around time!

This week we are giving out a sincere thank you in the form of a deal of the week discount. It’s a 35% discount off your total service just for letting us know that you read this post, are aware of the situation, and will definitely pick up your computer on or before Saturday the 8th. That’s right. Any day this week you can come by the shop to get your PC or Mac diagnosed or repaired and save over a 1/3 off your service total.

We will not be taking in any computers for repair that require parts to be ordered. If we have the parts in stock or no parts are required, we can check the computer in and fix you up!

Save 35% off  your service total with the Final Deal of the Week Discount. It’s a deal. It’s final. Save here:

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