Week of November 16th - Share Your Phobia Discount
Posted on August 29, 2016 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week, the week of August 29th 2016, ALB Tech is offering yet again this interesting deal of the week. It is the Share Your Phobia Discount. It is as simple as it sounds. Want to save money on PC or Mac repair? Share with us whatever it is that you have an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to. Divulge to us this personal information and save 17% off your repair service total! Do spiders really creep you out? Crowds of people get you freaked? What about driving in tunnels? Perhaps you can’t handle tight spaces or locked doors. Whatever phobia you have (and are willing to share) – let us know and we’ll knock real dollars off your repair total. Nothing to be afraid of here – diagnostics are always free!

Remember we have two locations which are convenient to both VCU campuses.  Our first store is in the Fan at 1208 W. Main St – next door to Papa Johns Pizza. The second store is just a few minutes outside the city in Mechanicsville at 8150 Mechanicsville Turnpike – close to the Windmill Bank.

Be thinking about your phobias… Share with us. Get Fixed. Save Money. This week only though – the week of August 29h 2016.

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ALB Tech – Mechanicsville

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