Posted on July 11, 2011 Posted in Deal of the Week

This week is at ALB Tech is called the Desktop Computer Power Supply Jam. Why? We’ll we’ve been having some crazy thunderstorms lately and computers being surged to death. Here’s the deal – if your desktop computer doesn’t really do squat – like you press the power button and it does nothing – but it used to work, then it’s most likely in need of a power supply.

You don’t need to diagnose it yourself. We ALWAYS do free diagnostics. You just gave to bring it in to us. That being said, if this is a problem you are encountering, this week is the week to come in our shop. The Desktop Power Supply Jam this week will save you a killer 6% off your total (parts/labor combined) for all desktop power supplies we replace this week.

Get on in here. Quicker the better – we’ve got a decent amount of power supplies in stock, but you never know!

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