Posted on September 6, 2010 Posted in Deal of the Week

Work work work. That’s all people do! Including people here @ ALB Tech. Since Monday is labor day – we are offering a LABOR discount. What is a labor discount? We’ll it’s pretty simple. You’ve gotta work…

AND to take advantage of the discount, you not only have to work, but you have to come in to ALB Tech this week, AND talk to ALB about the fact that you WORK and LABOR day was sweet relief. BOOM! Discount applied. Not that tough, huh?

Pretty simple. 1.) Work. 2.) Come to ALB Tech. 3.) Talk to ALB about work & labor day 4.) Get a discount.

The catch is that you MUST make sure ALB knows you are talking to him about this in order to get the weekly discount – the labor discount as it is this week.

Oh yea – it’s a 6% discount since Labor Day was the 6th of September!

See you soon!

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