ALB Tech Mechanicsville is closing permanently.
Posted on May 29, 2017 Posted in News

Ladies and gentlemen we have a sad announcement about our Mechanicsville location. After three wonderful years in that amazing space firmly planted on the Mechanicsville Turnpike, our lease has ended and we will be closed permanently by the end of this month (May). Why didn’t we renew the lease, you ask? It’s very simple, actually. About three months ago the owners of the property informed the landlord of their intent to sell the building. They put it on the market and proceeded to show the space while we were still operating and fully functional. This isn’t too bad, I guess… The kicker is the price tag was bananas. If sold, our rent would skyrocket (if even offered to us from new owners). As of now (at the end of our lease term), it’s still on the market. This made our renewal option tenuous at best.

If you recall, when we moved into the space we undertook a hefty renovation to make the space usable for our needs. It ended up spectacular. For three years it has been everything we’ve ever wanted/ need in a space optimized for computer repair. It’s a bummer for us to up and leave this space after all we put into it and truthfully it stings a little that the owners treated us as such. We didn’t want to leave Mechanicsville but our hand has been forced. It’s an unfortunate situation and we feel the worst about letting down all of our Mechanicsville customers. You all have been the best…

Mechanicsville – thank you! You’ve been an awesome host to our business and we have really enjoyed being there. The growth we have seen in the area and likewise at our business has been phenomenal and we were proud to be there during such a booming time. Current and previous ALB Tech Mechanicsville customers you were great – every single one of you! We sincerely thank you for your patronage and hope you’ll make the trip to our Fan shop location.

Thanks for being great Mechanicsville! Goodbye! <3

Goodbye Mechanicsville - You Were Wonderful!