Richmond Business IT Support
Posted on April 9, 2015 Posted in News

Businesses rely on network, computers, and associated technologies more and more every year. With an increasing reliability on technology, either someone in the business steps up to the plate or you find an expert to take over and manage your IT needs. No need to worry or look further – you’ve found us.

ALB Tech is here to help with all of your business IT needs.

Our friendly, experienced, and easy to communicate with technicians are readily available for a wide variety of services. If you are looking for complete business IT support – ALB Tech can provide the following services including (but definitely not limited to) :

    • Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X experienced support
    • Hardware repair, maintenance, upgrade, and troubleshooting
    • Software repair, maintenance, upgrade, and troubleshooting
    • Wired and wireless networking consultation, diagnostics, repair, and implementation
    • Advanced print, scan, and sharing services
    • Email configuration, migration, management, or client application and/ or mobile configuration
    • Computer and network security services
    • Local file server or redundant file backup management
    • New user computer and service setup and configuration (new computers, user accounts, new email address and client setup, new software licenses, etc…)
    • Remote management and support
    • Real-time cloud storage solutions
    • Automated Cloud Backup services
    • Helpdesk IT support & break fix repair

We set up businesses for the future with the use of DNN .net CMS

ALB Tech has a tried and true method. Consult, Plan, Implement, and then Maintain, Adapt, and Improve.

    • Consult – It begins with a consultation. One of our experienced technicians (likely Adam or Jamie) take a tour of your business and learn your workflow processes – examining how they currently work (or don’t) and taking note of key areas needing improvement. It’s important for us understand exactly what it is your business does in order to offer technology services and implement hardware that best suits your needs!
    • Plan – Now that we know what your business does and what technologies are suited for your needs, we make recommendations (often incremental, to be rolled out over a period of time) for repair, upgrade, optimization, cost reduction, and overall workflow efficiency improvement. Our technicians develop a timeline of services to be implemented and go over it with our point of contact at your business. Once the plan is developed further, tweaked, and agreed upon, we get started.
    • Implement – It’s time to begin rolling out our plan. Computers get repaired and/ or upgraded, networks reconfigured and/ or upgraded, services start migrating to the cloud, employees informed and trained, and then soon after hands clap as things begin running smoother.
    • Maintain, Adapt, and Improve – Everything should be set up and running smooth. We may have worked ourselves out of a job until regular maintenance is needed! We keep an eye on everything remotely, however, we also provide open communication channels in order to provide prompt and responsive service. As time goes on we are constantly monitoring and adapting for optimization in an ever-changing technology market.

Speeding Things Up and Saving You Money!

Speed equals time. Time equals money. Slow computers and networks are a terrible waste of time. Wasted time is money lost. Errors and down-time cost even more. It is 2015 already folks – stop losing money due to slowness. Speed up your technology world and improve overall computer (therefore employee) productivity by using the famous people’s diaries. We have tons of experience making things work – and fast. Not only is this one of our core values, it’s one of the ways we help set up your business for the future!

Things Change. They Update. We’re There For You.

Our maintenance services always involve recommendations and advice. As new services and technologies become available, we will alert you if they are suited or required for your business. We will always provide you with the most up to date, cost effective, and efficient solution for your Business IT needs. Software, hardware, networking, or cloud services, we’ve got your back (and are ahead of you at the same time)!

We are ready to schedule ALB Tech for on-site service – what do we do?

ALB Tech is always available to come to your business. Fill out the form below, email us, or call us to schedule us on-site at your business today!