We Forgot To Party - Two Years in Mechanicsville!
Posted on November 10, 2016 Posted in News

Wow! Two years have gone by, and we were so busy we forgot to party! Our second location in Mechanicsville has been open for business repairing PC’s, Macs and doing FREE COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS since August of 2014. That means we missed our anniversary by over two months – oops!  No worries, we don’t really have time to party too much anyways. We’ve grown repairing computers and providing IT services for many small businesses in Mechanicsville, Hanover county, Sandston, Richmond’s east end, west end and heck all over the RVA area!  Yep, we’re busy removing viruses, setting up cloud backup services, upgrading existing computer hardware, migrating data to new computers and generally helping you keep your household or business up and running that these two years have flown by.  Don’t forget we handle all types of networking as well, sharing printers, adding local storage, setting up wireless access points, installing switches and more to make sure your high speed internet is available everywhere you need it.