VCU Computer Repair Discount That's right Richmond - the VCU Discount!

VCU Computer Repair Discount

ALB Tech is proud to support VCU!

Attention all VCU students, faculty, staff, and alumni!

All of our ALB Tech services are offered to you at a discount! It’d be great if we could see your VCU ID – but if you’re honest and tell us a little bit about your time at the university, we’ll probably let you slide. This discount applies to PC Repair Services, Mac Repair Services, Home and Business On-site Services, and more…

VCU Computer Repair and iPhone Repair Discount

The VCU Computer Repair Discount is a 10% discount. One tenth of your total cost erased just becuase you took a minute to look around the website. Kudos to you. See you soon VCU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni!


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