Frankenstein Walk Discount - Friday June 23rd
Posted on June 23, 2017 Posted in Deal of the Day

Today is Friday June 23rd 2017 and ALB Tech will be open in the Fan from 11am to 5pm. The deal of the day today is the Frankenstein Walk Discount. ALB has been watching old horror films lately and were inspired to offer a deal based on one. Today’s deal of the day discount is pretty simple – you can save 18% off your repair service if you come into the shop and walk like Frankenstein. How does Frankenstein walk? Well, his arms and legs are quite still and generally his arms are held out strait in front of him. Check out the video below… While at the shop, be positive we see you Franken-walking and we will apply the discount to your service total. It’ll apply to PC repair, Mac repair, virus removal, laptop screen replacement, data transfers, and much more… Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to watching you bring our your inner Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Walk Discount - Friday February 24th

Today is Friday June 23rd 2017 and ALB Tech will be open in the Fan from from 11am to 5pm. Yes – 5pm, it’s a Friday!

Frankenwalk you way here:

ALB Tech  – The Fan | 1208 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23220 | (804) 355-2491

In this video you will find a good example of the type of movement we want to see. The video goes awry once the filming goes away from Frankenstein – so only watch to the beginning walking around part.