Six Squats Service Discount - Saturday February 10th
Posted on February 10, 2018 Posted in Deal of the Day

Today is Saturday February 10th 2018 and ALB Tech will be open from 11am to 2pm. The deal of the day on this fine February Saturday is the Six Squats Service Discount. The deal is as simple as it sounds. Come in the shop today and pump out some squats. Congratulations, you get the discount. Yep – simply make your way into ALB Tech in the Fan, get our attention, and then do 6 well executed squats (or poorly executed, really). These hindquarter exercises will not only firm up the buttocks region but also earn you a muscly 18% discount! Squat em’ and count ’em out folks – all the way! Yes indeed you can save money on PC repair, Mac repair, software, security, and cloud services today just by doing a little exercise here in the shop. You can and should put down your bag and/ or hand us your computer/ device before you start these squats of course. Just do 6 of ’em – quick and easy.

Are you somehow unaware of what a squat is? Here’s some info from Wikipedia:

“In strength training and fitness, the squat is a compound, full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighships and buttocks, quadriceps (vastus lateralisvastus medialisvastus intermedius and rectus femoris), hamstrings, as well as strengthening the bonesligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body. Squats are considered a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs and buttocks, as well as developing core strengthIsometrically, the lower back, the upper back, the abdominals, the trunk muscles, the costal muscles, and the shoulders and arms are all essential to the exercise and thus are trained when squatting with the proper form.”

Woo hoo – thanks Wikipedia – that was excellent. Haha. Come to the computer shop and do those squats. Get fixed. Save money with the Six Squats Service Discount on this fun Saturday in February.

Squat your way into savings today at ALB Tech. Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to fixing you up soon!

Today is Saturday February 10th 2018 and ALB Tech will be open from 11am to 2pm. Yes – 2pm, it’s a Saturday!

Give your biscuits a workout and save American dollars off any in store repair service:

ALB Tech  – The Fan | 1208 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23220 | (804) 355-2491

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