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Data Migration Services

Computers (and specifically) hard drives fail over time. It is inevitable. The data (your pictures, music, movies, word docs, excel sheets, pdfs, downloaded stuff, etc…) must remain in tact! You certainly don’t want to lost anything important. If you get a new computer and need data from an old machine transferred? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

There are many ways – some easier than others. We can do them all – painlessly – and without breaking the bank. We can transfer your data from a computer or hard drive to a flash drive, external hard drive, or new computer. Whichever is the most appropriate for your situation! In addition to helping transfer your data, we can help you set up automatic data backups to external media or to cloud services.

Data Recovery Services

If you dropped a hard drive or deleted something and are currently freaking out, calm down! With any luck we can recover your data! Bring in your system and will let you know what can be done to remedy your situation.

Often times – your data is safe – bring it in and let us take a look. Initial inspections usually last less than 5 minutes. After that – the testing and recovery begins. If data was deleted from a hard drive, our recovery process lasts anywhere from 1hr to 10hours depending on the size of the drive.

If your hard drive doesn’t spin or makes an extremely terrible noise, it’s not likely we can recover the data. It is possibly and we’ll certainly try – for free.

Diagnostics on your data transfer or data recovery is always free here at ALB Tech. Please call us, email us, fill out this form, or simply stop by either location for data transfer, data migration, or data recovery services.

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